Our Story

As an Advertising Agency, we are what we are today, after a period of 34 years. We are trying to learn more and whatever we have learnt (others call it experience!) is obviously due to the volume of support given by our clients. We stay honored and we are grateful to our beloved clients. We believe in our perceptions and we do follow them at ease… We don’t work for awards… we stick to what ought to be done… to serve the purpose of our clients… of course…

The volume of growth is limited to those who subject it to their own limitations. Those who dare and adapt the turns and twists wisely are put to generate a rich legacy.

At Leverage, we are set to dare, adapt and prosper!

SRB Ads Mayiladuthurai is a reputable advertising agency that specializes in various outdoor advertising solutions. From hoarding displays and wall paintings to LED boards, LED van advertising, and mobile display vans, we offer a wide range of services to help businesses in Mayiladuthurai effectively promote their brand. Our creative team also provides designing services for impactful advertisements, while our LED look walkers and poster flex printing services ensure maximum visibility and engagement. With our expertise and commitment, we are dedicated to helping businesses achieve their advertising goals and increase their brand visibility.



What our clients say about our advertising services in Chennai

Alter ego has been behind some of our remarkable campaigns. They help us optimise our ad budget. More importantly, they sharply focus on results and have complete command over market pulse.

Even without any celebrity ambassadors for our brand, we have been able to ace the Advertising game because of Alter Ego Communications. We are very happy with how they keep improving our growth organically.

They Are Professional & Responsive. one of the most trusted ad agency in Chennai, their way of handling was so friendly and guidance. Quality of Service to be Appreciated. Thank you.

man in green dress shirt
man in green dress shirt
woman sitting on ledge surrounded by trees
woman sitting on ledge surrounded by trees
woman in pink floral short-sleeved dress sitting on train railing
woman in pink floral short-sleeved dress sitting on train railing